Saeva Dupka/Saeva Hole Cave

Saeva Dupka



Sаeva Dupka (Съева Дупка) is an exceptionally beautiful cave, displaying all forms found in caves: stalactites, stalagmites, karst lakes, rock curtains, and so forth.Named after two brothers, who hided in it . It is 3,5 million years old , consists of 5 galleries, the inside temperature is between 7C and 11C, so you’d better be dressed properly. The cave is 400 m long so the visit takes less than an hour. A guide will guide you trough the five halls of the cave. One of them has remarkable acoustics, thus it has been a scene of numerous concerts.

Saeva Dupka (Hole) is a fantasy world of various by shape and size stalactites,stalagmites and stalactones,coloured by mother nature in all different shades. The cave is so impressive that it’s called not without reason the “Underground Pearl of Bulgaria”.


The easiest way to reach it is by car. It is only an hour drive from Sofia.






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