Tian Tan – Temple of Heaven


Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven – one of those places, that take you away in another dimension. The gloomy February day felt like a time travel experience.

If you happen to be in Beijing definitely visit the complex and you sense the atmosphere of  medieval China.

The Temple of Heaven, where the emperors of the Ming and Qing Dynasties held the ceremonies of worshipping heaven and praying for good harvest, was first build in the 18th year during the reign of Emperor Yongle (1420) of the Ming Dynasty. Under continually reconstruction and enlargement, the Temple of Heaven was finally completed in the reign of Emperor Quinlong of Qing Dynasty.

The Temple of Heaven is the largest and best-preserved ancient sacrificial architectural group in the world. In the Ming and Qing  Dynasties,the emperors nearly worshipped heaven every year. If the emperor couldn’t do it himself, an official must be sent to the Temple of heaven to worship heaven.
In 1918, the Temple of Heaven was opened to the public as a park. In March 1961,it was listed as one of the first groups of National Emphasis Protective Units of Cultural relics. In 1986, it was chosen as one ot the new sixteen scenic spots of Beijing. One Dec 2nd 1988, it was listed on the World Heritage List by UNESCO World heritage Committee. In 2011, the Temple of Heaven was listed as AAAA tourism scenic spot by Ministry of Construction.



Build in 1420 as the Great Hall of Sacrificial  Rituals,then renamed in 1753 the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests by Emperor Qianlong. Rebuilt in 1889,this circular tower, with a conical roof of blue tiles and a gold finial, is the most beautiful building in Beijing. One of the most striking facts about it is that it was constructed without the use of a single nail.

Temple of Heaven

Temple of Heaven


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